GLAD Body Reset

Is your body ready for a housekeeping, some maintenance, or
even an overhaul? Are you ready to change your life forever? 
Do you want to get going and put the past in the past?  Maybe
you have heard about cleanses, detoxes and reboots but might
be skeptical and wondering, “Can they really reset my body and 
system to give me another chance?” My simple answer is a
resounding, “Yes,” if you do it the right way with education,
guidance, support and flexibility to fit into your life!
That is exactly what my GLAD Body Reset will do for you.

GLAD Body Reset will:

  1. BulletSupercharge your nutritional intake.

  2. BulletFlush your body’s natural cleansing system.

  3. BulletPush toxins out that have accumulated from your less
    than perfect eating habits, illnesses, and even
    environmental exposure.

  4. BulletHelp you kick bad food habits and get over cravings.
    Sugar? Caffeine? Simple Carbs?

  5. BulletAll with education, guidance and support.

And as a result you will find:

  1. BulletIncredible energy!

  2. BulletA good night’s sleep!

  3. BulletGorgeous skin!

  4. BulletA stronger immune system!

  5. BulletBetter digestion!

  6. BulletA lighter, happier body

  7. BulletA revitalized metabolism!

During your program I will be with you.

  1. BulletWe will start with a One-on-One Discovery Session
    (via phone or Skype).

  2. BulletYou will decide what type & length program you
    are read to commit to.

  3. BulletI learn about you, your goals and your challenges.

  4. BulletSome basics about what to expect.

  5. BulletThen you get:

  6. BulletMore information about what you will experience.

  7. BulletShopping lists, meal and recipe suggestions before and along the way.

  8. BulletWe will stay in touch:

  9. BulletPeriodic emails from me for tips, support and motivation.

  10. Bullet2-way communication through email and text, or if you need more TLC, phone availability during my office hours for a quick check-in.

  11. BulletA 30 Minute One-on-One Wrap-Up Session.

  12. BulletAccess to GLAD for Health Info and News.

Contact me to discuss program costs and scheduling.

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Body Reset

7, 15 or 30 day

Eat, Juice, or Combo

This program is broken down into 3 phases. 

  1. 1.Prep Phase -  getting your body and mind ready

  2. 2.Deep Cleaning Phase - the core of the program where cleaning and healing happens

  3. 3.Re-Entry Phase - small steps back to your new normal

NOTE: How long each phase lasts depends on what length program you decide to commit to.